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How To Create a WOD Based On The Equipment You Have Available (Updated 2021)

By Brian.

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When you're away from your CrossFit box, it can be hard to keep your fitness up. It is important to have a resource of WODs that you can do when and where you like - be it on the beach, in your home gym, in a hotel room or in a globo gym.

We've written this resource so you will never be stuck for a good workout again.

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No Equipment WODs

Of course your first option is to have a list of WODs that need no equipment whatsoever that you can do anywhere. These are often categorized as Bodyweight workouts and Travel workouts (LINKS). Here is a list of some ideal ones:

  1. Vertical 3: Do 40 vertical jumps and 10 push ups
  2. Tabata Style: Do 10 Tabata Squats and 10 Tabata Pushups
  3. Hand walking: Walk 100 meters on your hands
  4. To the Max: Complete as many push ups as possible in 8 minutes
  5. To the Max 2: Do as many squats as you can in a row
  6. To the Max 5: Do as many tabata squats as you can in a row
  7. To the Max 6: Do as many jumping jacks as you can in a row
  8. The Boxer: Shadow box for 1 minute, then rest for 1 minute. Repeat for 10 rounds
  9. The Athlete 16: 5 rounds of 2-minutes shadow boxing, 2 mins rest. Then complete 100 push ups
  10. Burpee Ladder: Start on one side of the room. Do 20 burpees. Go to opposite side of room do 19 burpees. Return to original side do 18 burpees. Go to opposite side of room do 17 burpees. And so forth. All the way down to one.
  11. Jump-Burpees: 5 Rounds of: 60 jumping jacks with 20 burpees.
  12. 150 burpees
  13. 50 burpees. Jump 12 inches above max reach each one.
  14. 50 situps. 50 double unders. 50 situps. 50 walking lunges. 50 situps. 50 burpees. 50 situps
  15. 50 lunges. 60 squats. 70 burpees. 80 situps.

If you would prefer to get a list of workouts, you can use our Bodyweight WOD generator or Travel WOD Generator.

Generate WODs That Only Need No Equipment

Minimal Equipment WODs

The next step up from WODs that require no equipment is to bring some basic fitness apparatus with you. Things like a skipping rope, exercise band, kettlebell or pullup bar may be easy to take with you on your vacation, business trip or drive. This means you can incorporate double unders, kettlebell swings, Turkish getups, pullups and more. Find workouts that only use these things below:

Jump Rope WODs

  1. 200 double unders for time
  2. 10 min AMRAP of 30 double unders with 30 air squats
  3. 7 rounds for time of 20 pushups, 20 double unders, 20 jump squats
  4. 10 minutes of skipping, but every minute on the minute do 10 situps
  5. 50 jump squats, 60 pushups, 150 double unders, 60 pushups, 50 jump squats
  6. 6 rounds of: 50 double unders, sprint 100m, 50 double unders

Generate WODs That Only Need a Jump Rope

Kettlebell WODs

  1. 6 Rounds for Time: 25 Kettlebell Swings. 20 Donkey Kicks each side. 30 Push-ups
  2. 20 minute AMRAP: 40 Kettlebell Thrusters. 40 Push-ups
  3. 8 Rounds for Time: 200m Farmer Walk (with Kettlebells). 20 Walking lunges. 10 Push-ups
  4. 20min EMOM (every minute on the minute): 1 Turkish Getup each side
  5. 3 Rounds For Time: 400m Run. 21 Kettlebell Swings. 12 Burpees.
  6. 5 Rounds For Time: Overhead Lunges 8 each side (hold kettlebell overhead). 20 goblet squats (squat holding kettlebell). 20 Push-Ups.
  7. 3 Rounds for Time: 25 Kettlebell Swings. 1000m run. 25 Push-ups
  8. Run Jackie Run: For Time. 1000m Run. 50 Kettlebell Thrusters. 30 Push Ups.

Generate WODs That Only Need a Kettlebell

Pullup Bar WODs

  1. In 7 minutes do as many rounds of 7 pullups, 7 air squats, 7 lunges each side and 7 pushups
  2. Each minute on the minute for 10 minutes do 5 pullups
  3. Death by pullups: With a continuously running clock do one pull up the first minute, 2 pullups the . second minute, 3 pullups the third minute... continuing as long as you are able. Use as many sets each minute as needed.
  4. 120 pullups and 120 dips

Generate WODs That Only Need a Pullup Bar

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Improvising Your Workout Based On Your Location

Another idea you can focus on is to become more resourceful with your surroundings. What do I mean by this? Use the environment! For example:

Near stairs

  1. Why not do stair sprints? You can pair a sprint up and down with some pushups - 3 or 4 rounds will get your heart rate up :-)
  2. Do calf raises on the steps
  3. Crawl up and down the steps for a great shoulder workout
  4. Do incline or decline pushups on the steps
  5. Lunge / step up a number of steps at a time

On the beach

  1. Sprint on the beach! To increase the toughness, sprint in the softer sand
  2. Go for a chill jog
  3. Broad jumps in the sand - try to improve your distance each time
  4. Dig a hole! Seriously - it's tougher than you think, especially if you aim to stay digging for a certain amount of time

Tree nearby

  1. Use the tree for pullups (ensure the branch is strong enough to hold you!)
  2. If it is safe to do so, climb up and down the tree
  3. Handstand pushups or holds against the side of the tree
  4. Wall walks up and down the tree

By the ocean / pool

  1. Swim!
  2. Lunge, squat and run/sprint in the water - the water will increase the resistance

Near a hill

  1. Do some hill sprints
  2. Make the hill sprints tougher with a heavy bag on your back
  3. Crawl up and down the hill. You can crawl forwards, backwards, sideways in any form you want
  4. Squat jump your way up the hill
  5. Lunge up the hill (add weight for difficulty)

By a wall

  1. Do wall walks
  2. Scale up and down the wall if you can (pull yourself up and lower yourself down)
  3. Do dips on the side of the wall
  4. Lean against it for handstand pushups or handstand holds

Remember - if you are not sure what a term or exercise above you can find it in our exercise and movement definitions

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